About Us

Mike Cooper director at 1895SportsBorn out of a frustration with previous supliers, 1895 sports teamwear range is a result of cutting out the big brands looking to make big margins; and approaching the factories directly to manufacture for us.

Pulled off the same production line of some of the biggest sports wear brands in the world, 1895 Sports teamwear provide exceptional quality garments that will last the test of time, without the big brands price tags.

We have worked incredibly hard to develop a range of rugby kits which whilst incredibly competitive cost wise, are a better quality than the majority of other kits you can purchase, at a much higher cost.

"It is my passion to provide affordable quality kit to rugby clubs throughout the world. Your club is rightly proud to be unique and we can create a unique identity for you. So the best way to find out more is to drop us a line and we can discuss your enquiries. Email web@1895sports.com or give the office a call on 01925 418 526 to discuss your requirements."

Mike Cooper

1895 Sports - Rugby League Store